Thoracic or Lumbar Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery

When the thoracic or lumbar vertebrae are unstable, fractured or suffering from disease, a posterior spinal fusion may be the medical solution. This procedure fuses two or more spinal bones together to create a more stable spine, using bone grafts and possibly instrumentation. At McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine, our spinal specialists can perform this complex surgery in one of our cutting-edge medical facilities for our patients with thoracic or lumbar spine problems.

There are several conditions that may require a spinal fusion surgery, one of the most common spinal surgeries. Scoliosis is one condition that can benefit from a posterior spinal fusion, helping correct the curvature in the spine and promote proper growth. Other spinal conditions that are treated with spinal fusions include spine fractures, severe degenerative disc disease and other types of spine instability problems.

Benefits of Spinal Fusion

The main goal of spinal fusion surgery is to limit movement of the spinal bones, either in the thoracic or lumbar regions. This can reduce pain that is caused by the spinal bones and discs moving, referred to as mechanical pain. For fractures, spinal fusion restores stability in the spine and helps repair the broken bones in the middle and lower back. Fusing the vertebrae can be beneficial for severe scoliosis by straightening the spine and preventing the continued growth that can impede movement and impact internal organs.

With thoracic or lumbar posterior spinal fusion surgery, the spine is accessed through the back side, adding fusing material to connect the spinal bones. Bone grafts are used to spur bone growth of separate bones or vertebrae together; instrumentation such as screws or rods may also be added to stabilize the spine while the bone grafting takes place.

If you have a back problem that is causing you pain and a spinal fusion has been recommended, contact our team at McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine. Our board certified spinal specialists and team of medical experts can educate you on the procedure and help you determine if this is the right treatment for your condition.

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