Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

When the cervical vertebrae discs become damaged or diseased, they can cause intense neck and arm pain, as well as limited function. When conservative treatments do not offer relief, surgical options can be effective for giving relief. At McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine, we offer both non-surgical and surgical treatments for our patients with neck and back pain. For those with severe cervical discs or neck issues, one option we offer is cervical disc replacement surgery at our facility in Alaska.

When a cervical disc is herniated or damaged, it can result in pressure on the nerves in the neck, causing pain and dysfunction. If non-invasive treatments are not effective, the best option may be removing the diseased or damaged cervical disc to relieve compression on the nerves. Cervical spine fusion is one option after the disc is removed to give the spine stability. Another option is cervical disc replacement surgery, using an artificial disc to replace the removed disc.

Benefits of Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

While a spinal fusion after cervical disc removal may be the best option for some patients with a herniated cervical disc, others may benefit from a receiving an artificial disc to replace their herniated disc. The artificial disc allows more movement in the neck, with the replacement disc acting as the cushion between the vertebrae. Not only does this give quicker recovery of neck movement after surgery while relieving pressure on the spinal cord, it can be an alternative to a cervical fusion. Not all patients are good candidates for bone grafts and other components of spinal fusions, which can make cervical disc replacement surgery a better option.

If you have neck or arm pain due to a herniated cervical disc or other spine issues, contact our team at McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine, We offer a wide array of medical options for treating cervical disc and other neck issues, including cervical disc replacement surgery.

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