Kyphosis Correction Surgery

The spine has a natural curvature, referred to as the hyperkyphotic curve. When abnormal kyphosis occurs, the spine has an extreme curve in the upper or mid regions, resulting in pain and deformity for the patient. Kyphosis correction surgery can help straighten the spine, prevent further curving and reduce pain for the patient. We offer kyphosis correction surgery at McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine,to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Abnormal kyphosis is often caused by osteoporosis, commonly referred to as a “hunchback” that stoops the patient over. Spine compression fractures can cause this type of curvature, as can weakening of the bones in the spine. When severe, kyphosis can impact the internal organs and limit mobility. Non-surgical options like physical therapy are always recommended before spine surgery, but when the curvature is severe or quickly progressing, kyphosis correction surgery may be the best option to give relief.

Surgical Treatments for Kyphosis

The type of surgery needed for kyphosis correction depends on the deformity of the patient’s spine and the cause. Some treatments may be minimally-invasive outpatient procedures, while others require more extensive spine surgery. Straightening and strengthening the spine from kyphosis can include:

  • Kyphoplasty  – Kyphosis caused by spinal compression fractures can be remedied through kyphoplasty, strengthening and extending the height of vertebra with bone cement injections.
  • Osteotomy  – Cutting the spinal bones and straightening the spine, usually combined with spinal fusion.
  • Spinal fusion  – Bone grafts and added instrumentation (screws, wires, plates or rods) through spinal fusion can straighten and strengthen the spine.

Our team of spine specialists at McKinley Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Spine,can determine the best option for surgically correcting kyphosis. Our surgeon is board certified and fellowship trained to give you access to the highest level of expertise to treat kyphosis and other spinal conditions. Contact one of our clinics located in Fairbanks, Alaska to schedule your exam with one of our experienced physicians to begin your journey to improved spine health.

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